Management, responsibility and training in Sussex


With the huge surge of knowledge accessible on the internet, people have the chance to 'go global' in order to find better answers, costs, quality, range and service, leaving usual companies exposed and endangered in a world of fierce competition. A clear way to gain success is to improve business performance. To do this companies need the best mix of people, teams and technology. For those who want the right mix a whole new world of chances awaits them as they find new and exciting ways to change their existing businesses.

One of our most recent projects was with an accommodation provider in Brighton, we worked with them on a campaign to improve their businesses performance.

Inadequate security of your buildings, computer networks and their applications and knowledge of their physical location will leave you exposed and vulnerable to external influences and consequential loss. 

Strategic Sustainability Management

We work with organisations in West Sussex such as eye clinics, spas, restaurant chains, retail outlets and more to ensure that they can manage and report on their sustainability performance.

Corporate Responsibility

We assist organisations to develop and maintain a good reputation for corporate responsibility. To promote our business to business relations we have been working closely with RC Hove to promote their clearance services to our clients undergoing any clear-outs or construction work.

Improving Environmental Performance

We offer solutions to a range of environmental problems by drawing on our own expertise and those of our partners in universities and specialist technical organisations.

Training and Education

We are experienced education and training providers, and offer accredited and tailor-made courses on all aspects of environmental and social sustainability. Ensure that your business runs smoothly, with technology forever training it is important to have qualified staff who can assist the business when they are in need of IT support. Don't wait until something goes wrong, set up your computer support team today!

Business to Business Relations

We assist organisations to develop and maintain a good relationships with other local businesses in Sussex to support the local economy. We partner up service providers with office workers, for example office cleaning with business parks.

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